The most awesome part of the day

Today I did a bunch of stuff, but today the most exciting part is that I created 2 new youtube videos!!!

I sang Disney’s Frozen Let It Go and For the First Time in Forever!!! It was AWESOME!!!



Yesterday we got up and ate breakfast. Then we got ready to go to the Grand Canyon State Park so we could we could go on the trail to exercise. And guess what?? It rained when we were in the middle of the trail. Then i had something and i put it in my backpack and we had the backpack on and the thing i put in the backpack got wet and it had flowers on it and it melted. But guess what else?!!? WE FINISHED THE WHOLE ENTIRE TRAIL!!! It was awesome!! When we left, we went back to the Hotel ( Which is Springhill Suites Marriott) , and i had to put the thing with the flowers on it on the top of the Air Conditioner to let it dry. But we still had an awesome time though!!!!         🙂

Six Flags

Well we went to Six Flags and it was awesome!!!! It was my  family’s first time going there and we rode the Roller Coaster and it me and my dad’s first time to ride a Roller Coaster. The things we rode on were: The Ferris Wheel, The Wave Runner, The SuperMan Roller Coaster, The Road Runner, The Shoe Roller Coaster, AND MORE!We had a lot of fun and we had a great time with each other. I loved it a lot and so did the rest of my family. My father was on a swing ride and he met a guy and the guy and him talked to each other while my mother and i were    2 swings away from him. So we all had a blast! We all said that we would sleep good tonight and we could stay over there all day. But we all thought about what tommorrow would be like and we couldn’t wait!! The way i am thinking of it for tommorrow , i think it would be great!


My dad is going downstairs to get the snacks!

Me and my mom went into the exercise room and did a little bit of the tredmill and a little bit of the elyptical  and we were going so fast! Then i forgot to put on my bathing suit and we had to go back to floor #2 on the elevator to put it on. Then i put it on and we went back to the elevator to go to floor #1 to go to the pool. and my dad was at walmart again so me and my mom were in the pool for a little while until he got back to the hotel. then we went to our room #214 to take baths. and then here is the 3 last parts. 

                     1.watched T.V.

                     2.ate snacks

                     3.went to bed

well,thats all!!!! bye now!!!! talk to you about my day tommorrow!!!



-at springhill suites marriott


San Antonio

So we drove all day today to go to San Antonio, TX. We all woke up at 3:00 am . We got ready to go. Then we left the house at 4:00 am. Once we got to San Antonio, we looked for a restaurant called Pancho’s Mexican Buffet. Then after that, we looked for a hotel called Springhill Suites Marriott. So we gathered our things and went to our room #214. We took out some of our things and put it in the closet. Then we all got to relax in bed. We all found out that by the bed, they have a reading light!!!!! My dad went into the shower room and closed the door and then he opened it and said “hey!” Then we said that we were going to the zoo, but it started raining so we couldn’t go to the zoo. After that, we all went to Walmart to get some groceries and then we came back.  We will do so many things tomorrow and the other few days! I can’t wait! 

I am doing my nails right now!!!!!!!


I am happy, but i am kind of sad because when we are gone, i will miss the dog. her name is

Lady. She is a Rat Terrier.